Our Product Lineup

Introducing Our Premium Stock Tags and Labels Collection

Discover Horta-Craft's impressive range of top-tier, UV-resistant stock tags and labels:

- Rich, vibrant imagery paired with concise care instructions.

- Crafted with pride in Canada.

- Approved by breeders for quality and accuracy.

- Consistent, uniform artwork layout across all stock tags, ensuring a seamless experience for your valued customers.

Order tags or labels online for any plant variety in our extensive database, available on a wide array of stock tag and label options.

Don't find a specific variety on our website or in our Lister? No problem! Simply request it on any of our stock tag or label options. (Subject to breeder approval)

Slim Jim

1 x 4½"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

A staple size in the industry. Most commonly used in cell packs and pots 5” or less. Compatible with most automatic tagging machines.


Tall Slim Jim

1¼ x 5½"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

More versatile than the Slim Jim. The added size makes it a good option for premium annuals, veggies, herbs or quart sized perennials.



2⅛ x 6¾"

Variety Multiple: 50/variety

Most common for perennials in gallon pots or larger. Locking tabs work with most pot tag slots. Also a perfect option for larger herbs and premium annuals in pots greater than 5”.



2¹⁄₁₆ x 4¼"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

A classic size hang tag. Use built in slits to hang on a basket hook or use the hole to hang it on one of our tag elevators.


2” x 2.25” Adhesive

2 x 2.25"

Variety Multiple: 500/variety

An alternative to tags, growing in popularity, especially for those looking to implement automation in their planting lines. Suits pot sizes 5” or less.