Our Product Lineup

We proudly present our extensive assortment of high quality, UV resistant, stock strap handles.

- Printed on sturdy polypropylene ensuring your customers can carry their packs with confidence.

- Designed for use in packs with 1/2" circle slots.

- Printed in Canada.

- Breeder Approved.

- Is there a strap handle you would like to see ready to order? Contact our office to make a request. (May be subject to breeder approval)

Strap Handle

1.25 x 18.5"

Variety Multiple: 50/variety

16.0.2281 Pansy Cool Wave®
16.0.2789 Petunia Wave®
16.0.4587 Impatiens Beacon™
16.9.0001 Blank
16.9.0005 Full Sun
16.9.0006 Part Sun
16.9.0007 Full Shade