Our Product Lineup

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring our wide range of premium, UV-resistant specialty tags and labels, tailored to meet popular consumer interests and trends.

- Proudly printed in Canada.

- Order specialty tags and labels online on any of our stock tag or label options and elevate your products.

Premium Pollinator Hang Tags

4.9375 x 6.8125"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

A premium, large tag that highlights pollinator friendly plants, baskets or containers.

Perfect for use on a hanging basket or with a tag elevator.

23.9.0022 Attracts Bumblebees
24.9.0023 Attracts Butterflies
25.9.0024 Attracts Hummingbirds


Slim Jim

1 x 4.5"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

A staple size in the industry. Most commonly used in cell packs and pots 5” or less. Compatible with most automatic tagging machines.

01.4.0020-F Tropical Foliage Plants
01.4.0021-S Succulents
01.9.0002 Mosquito Fighter
01.9.0011 Deer Resistant
01.9.0016 Bee Feed Mix
01.9.0021 Rabbit Resistant
01.9.0025 Cinco de Mayo


Tall Slim Jim

1.25 x 5.5"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

More versatile than the Slim Jim. The added size makes it a good option for premium annuals, veggies, herbs or quart sized perennials.

03.9.0002 Mosquito Fighter
03.9.0003 Pollinator-Friendly
03.9.0004 I Love You Mom
03.9.0010 Crop Marker Red
03.9.0013 Crop Marker Blue
03.9.0014 Crop Marker Orange
03.9.0019 Crop Marker Green
03.9.0025 Cinco de Mayo



2.125 x 6.25"

Variety Multiple: 50/variety

Most common for perennials in gallon pots or larger. Locking tabs work with most pot tag slots. Also a perfect option for larger herbs and premium annuals in pots greater than 5”.

04.4.0020-F Tropical Foliage Plants
04.9.0002 Mosquito Fighter
04.9.0003 Pollinator-Friendly
04.9.0004 I Love You Mom
04.9.0005 Full Sun
04.9.0006 Part Sun
04.9.0007 Full Shade
04.9.0025 Cinco de Mayo



2 x 4.5"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

A classic size hang tag. Use built in slits to hang on a basket hook or use the hole to hang it on one of our tag elevators.

15.9.0003 Pollinator-Friendly
15.9.0004 I Love You Mom
15.9.0005 Full Sun
15.9.0006 Part Sun
15.9.0007 Full Shade
15.9.0008 SOLD
15.9.0025 Cinco de Mayo


Medium Elevator

3.25 x 3.9375"

Variety Multiple: 100/variety

A common nursery tag size with a hole to hang it on one of our tag elevators.

10.9.0002 Mosquito Fighter


Adhesive Label

4 x 2"

Variety Multiple: 500/roll

Perforated vertically down the middle makes it easy to fold around a hanging basket wire or around a tag elevator.

21.9.0005 Full Sun
21.9.0006 Part Sun
21.9.0007 Full Shade