Our Product Lineup

Like office supplies, these are some items that are helpful to have on hand.

Flagging Tape

1.1875" x 300'

Order Multiple: 1 roll

Flagging tape is made from 3 mil PVC and available in 6 standard colors.

UG2004 Blue
UG2005 Orange
UG2007 Pink
UG2006 Red
UG2001 White
UG2003 Yellow


Preprinted "SOLD" Thermal Slip-On® Tag

Order Multiple: 1 roll (1,000/roll)

10 mil, flexible, low-density polyethylene material.

TX1077SRB 0.75" x 7" Red with black print.


Preprinted "SOLD" Strip Tag

Order Multiple: 1 package (1,000/package)

Flexible, synthetic material

BJ0971 1.125" x 10" White with red print. 5 across.


Valueline Laser Printable Slip-On® Tags

The Valueline Laser Printable product is a 8 mil material that is top coated on both sides to provide superior imaging and longevity outdoors. Our Valueline is viable for all of your monochrome laser printing applications and a solution to most of your color printing applications. This laser printable material can cover almost all of your laser printing needs.

Tags come vertically or horizontally oriented on standard 8.5" x 11" sheets.

For use with laser printers only.

Additional sizes available by custom order.

VLT1011S White 1 x 11 w/ 1 3/4” tear-off. Order Multiple: 1,000
VLT1081S1 White 1 x 8-1/2 w/ 1 3/4” tear-off. Order Multiple: 1,000


Unprinted Plastic

Order Multiple: 1 sheet

Made from 30mil HDPE

Custom sizes available

180110 4 x 6" White
180310 4 x 6" Yellow
200110 5 x 7" White
200310 5 x 7" Yellow
200111 5½ x 7" White
200311 5½ x 7" Yellow
GA9771 5¾ x 8½" White
GA9773 5¾ x 8½" Yellow
150110 7 x 11" White
150310 7 x 11" Yellow
190110 8 x 10" White
190310 8 x 10" Yellow


Garden Marker

1.2mm tip

Order Multiple: 1 marker

These “Garden Markers” are fast drying, waterproof and contain ultraviolet filters for maximum fade resistance.

Xylene free which makes them environmentally friendly.

Write on wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and many other materials.

UH0962 Black


Zig Posterman

Plants, flats, or groupings can be individualized with waterproof pens.

Order individually in black or an 8 colour variety pack.

Waterproof ink can be erased with isopropyl alcohol, enabling you to reuse them time and again.

PMA30B Black. Order Multiple: 1 marker
PMA30VP 8 colour variety pack. Order Multiple: 1 pack


All Weather Elastic Bands

1.25 x 0.125"

Order Multiple: 1 bag (approximately 300/bag)

ZZ.9.0003 Black.